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Tricia Thornton Therapy
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Using play therapy techniques to develop the heart, mind and soul of children.

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"Toys are used like words by children, and play is their language."

Garry Landreth

"Play therapy gives words to the voiceless and power to the powerless.  It is through play that healing can and does happen."

Claire Mellenthin

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A Bit about Me and my Mission

Growing up in Atlanta, GA. I attended The Lovett School and completed my BS. in Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University.  After receiving my M.A. in Counseling at Denver Seminary, I completed my certification as a School Counselor K-12 at Vanderbilt University.  I then went on to complete all the necessary requirements to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Registered Play Therapist (RPT).  Through my experience in private and public schools and in private counseling settings for 8 years, I developed a passion for working with children.  My experience in Williamson County Schools as well as at St. Paul Christian Academy has given me a broad understanding of child development and the methods of play therapy.  Having two children of my own continues to bring me wisdom as a parent.  

Through play therapy techniques, my mission is to help develop the heart, mind and soul of children.  Sometimes, it is difficult for children ages 3 years to 11 years to express their emotions.  They do have the innate ability for resiliency.  Empowering them through play, children will be able to heal visible and invisible wounds.  

With my unique experience being in the school settings and on administrative teams as well as my private counseling experience, I approach therapy from a comprehensive view.  If a family requests, I can bring together all the adults that are influencing the child.  Through conferences and observation in the school setting, I will be able to see a thorough view into the child's world.  

It is a gift to be a part of each child's life.  Through play, I seek to develop the heart, soul and mind of each precious child.  

Services Offered

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Tricia Thornton, LPC, RPT

Tricia Thornton

4205 Hillsboro Pike
Suite 202
Nashville, TN 37215


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Individual Counseling with Children (50 minutes) 
I use play therapy techniques to help the child express his or her emotions through their main form of communication, play.  Using tools like a doll house, a sandbox, and interactive and directive play are just some of the common tools used in my sessions.  I mainly see children ages 3 years to 12 years old.
($150 per session)

Parent Consultation (60 to 90 minutes) 
This session will occur prior to meeting with the child or after a couple of sessions with the child.  The purpose of this session is for the parents to give me information about their child, including their developmental history, previous therapeutic interventions and evaluations, and medical history.  We also discuss the plan for the following counseling sessions with the child. 
($180 to $270 per session)

ADHD Screening (time varies)
The Connors 3 Rating Scale and the Copeland Symptoms Checklists are used to screen for ADHD.  Checklists will be completed by the parent (caregiver), teacher, and the child (8 years to 18 years).  Once the data is gathered and analyzed, results and recommendations, and a written report are shared during a conference with the parent (caregiver).  Additional copies of the report may be provided upon request.
($550 per screening - includes all materials, parent session, and written report)

School Consultation and Observation (1 to 2 hours) 
In order to get a view of the whole child, I will work closely with the child's school.  This may include a consultation with the school counselor, administrators, and teachers.  As well, I can observe the child in their natural environment which allows me to see the child in their world.  A parent session and a written report will be provided to the parents following the school consultation and observation. 
(Rate varies based on the need) 

Individual Counseling with Teens and Adults (50 minutes)
I use a variety of techniques, from play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and experiential therapy to help  an individual manage through their life situation.  Sandtray therapy is effective for a teen or an adult to use to understand their emotions on a deeper level. 
($150 per session)


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