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Parent Webinar

Enjoy watching the recorded parent webinar. Learn about ways to help you and your child regulate emotions. Receive a quick lesson about how anxiety and the brain are interrelated.

If you want to watch the entire 38 minute video, feel free. If you would like to watch parts, you can fast forward to these certain minute marks to watch segments:

1:00 (first minute) - 4:45 ( four minutes and 45 seconds) - Introduction and 7 Stages of Grief.

4:45 - 9:50 - Permissions for parents to take breaks, self-care tips, and learning to set boundaries.

9:50 - 13:50 - What are children feeling during this time?, 8 ways anxiety is masked, having feeling check-ins with yourself and with your children.

13:50 - 22:37 - How the brain and anxiety are interrelated, learning about a few tools to help regulate anxiety like deep breathing.

22:37 - 37:54 - Learning about more tools to help children regulate their emotions, such as the 5 senses activity, counting to 10, calming jar, squishies, anger thermometer, and ending with a summary and viewing my contact information.

Use this link to access the webinar.

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