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Safety during the Holidays

Holidays can be a time where lots of accidents can occur. From tripping over toys, presents, furniture being rearranged, to pulling down the tree, lots can happen unexpectedly. Making a trip to the doctor or worse to the ER is not on your holiday agenda! So, be aware of how to prevent mishaps prior to the accident happening.

  • Decorate Your Tree in A Child-Friendly Way - If you would be devastated that your grandmother's antique ornament may get broken, consider putting it on the tree when your children get older or put it at the top where no one can reach it. Water your tree! Fires are prevalent during this time of year. Also, be aware of your outlets may be exposed, so toddlers may see that as invitation to explore. Don't forget about your pets, too! Your dog's tail can wag and knock a whole lot off your tree and cats love to climb trees! Click this link for more information on pet safety:

  • Be Aware of Poisonous Plants - As much as we love our houses to look festive and bright, know which plants to put out of reach from children and pets. Consider putting them up on a shelf or in a room that children don't plan in as often. Some commonly used plants to be aware of are Jerusalem Berry, Holly Berry and Mistletoe Berry.

  • Buy Age Appropriate Toys/Games/Videos - We love to give our little ones new toys, games and videos to watch and play with during the holidays. We also love for them to be entertained so we can get a load of wash done! However, be aware of choking hazards for toddlers. Also, read the labels that describe the recommended ages for the video and the game. It is always good to consult a friend who may have an older child, and ask for their recommendations. Also, be aware of buying toys on sale or at a thrift shop. Test them before you give them to your children. Have plenty of batteries on hand! Nothing worse than the new toy needing batteries and the stores are closed.

  • Look Around Before You Turn On Your Oven - This season is the time you may be doing more cooking and baking than usual. So, before you walk away from your kitchen, double check that the stove top is turned off or is protected from little curious hands. Make sure you also turn off your coffee pots. Especially when you have guests that are not used to having little ones around, burns can occur so quickly. Consider adding a lock feature on your oven door. Most newer models come with this as a standard feature.

  • Have An Alternate Route Planned if Traffic Occurs - Before leaving on the trip to grandma's, be sure to look at your Waze App to know an alternate route if delays occur. Also, consider bringing a portable potty in the car for younger children. The anxiety of trying to "hold it" until the next stop can be scary. If you have to take an unexpected stop, take a deep breath and know if you are late, it will be okay. For flight delays, research ahead if your airport has a play area. There are also designated areas for your pet to find relief, too!

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