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"T Cubed Corner"

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I will post the videos here each week in case you don't have Facebook.

"T Cubed Corner" Videos -

March 24th - Using the 5 Senses Activity

March 26th - Deep Breathing

March 31st - Positive Thoughts

April 2nd - Anger and Calming Jar

April 7th - Anger and How it Feels in Your Body

April 9th - Anger and Our Buttons

April 14th - Anger and Reading of I'm A Monster

April 16th - Anger Wrap Up

April 21st - Exercising with Buddy

April 23rd - Exercising and the brain

April 28th - Picnic with Buddy

April 30th - Routines and Timers

May 5th - Buddy's Superpower

May 7th - Kindness Superpower

May 12th - Energy Superpower

May 14th - Honesty Superpower

May 19th - Flexibility Superpower

May 21st - Leadership Superpower

May28th - Feelings Activities

June 4th - Anxiety Activities

June 11th - Anger Activities

June 18th - Storytelling

July 30th - Focus

August 13th - Focus - Fresh

August 20th - Focus - Framing your Focus

August 27th - Focus - One at a Time

September 3rd - Focus - Clarify

September 10th - Focus - 10 Ways to Focus Better - live from a classroom

September 17th - Focus - Understanding

September 26th - Focus - Strategize

October 1st - Topic Series - Separation Anxiety

October 8th - Topic Series - Tantrums (Part I)

October 22nd - Topic Series - Tantrums (Part II)

October 29th - Topic Series - Tantrums (Part III)

November 5th - Topic Series - Self Esteem/Confidence

November 19th - Topic Series - Lying

December 10th - Part I: Discipline Series

December 17th - Part II: Discipline Series

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